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The 2010 Prayer Vigil was a partnership among the Prayer Vigil for the Earth, Turtle Women Rising and the many faith groups that have participated at the annual gathering over the past 18 years. Throughout the four day Vigil (October 8-11) rotating drummers kept the beat of Turtle Women Rising's magnificent drum, Kiya's (Grandmother's) Heartbeat, going day and night. When other faith groups shared their offerings, whether the energetic chanting of the Sufi Zikr ceremony or the Shumei Taiko Drums, or a quiet story telling or ceremony from the microphone, Kiya's Heartbeat would drop back to a supportive murmur. At other times the drumming and many good singers around the drum were the central focus of prayer. There was good synergy. The partnership with Turtle Women Rising and its founder, Eli Painted Crow, and co-founder Deborah Guerrero worked out exceptionally well. Their ceremonies honoring the veterans present and taking a stand for peace merged well with the ceremonies honoring the Earth.

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