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This year's Prayer Vigil, wet and cold as it was, offered a time of intimacy, prayer and connection with each other and with the Mother. One fire, one tipi, one circle. The hardy souls who braved the weekend were all blessed with a beautiful double rainbow on Sunday. We were all in awe and joy with the shear majesty of the rainbow as you will see in the photos. We thank Shumei Taiko Drummers for braving the inclement weather and presenting their drum prayers Saturday. As we all huddled in the tip for warmth and companionship, Shumei continued their drumming. Spirits soared as we exchanged our meditations and offerings to Mother Earth. Sunday brought Mary Sunbeam and her celebration for the youth. It was at this time that Mother Nature blessed us with the double rainbow, bringing us to tears of joy and a deep feeling of rejuvenation and love.

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