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Spontaneity, connection, intimacy, and continuity characterized the 16th Annual Prayer Vigil for the Earth—a fitting tribute to the Sacred Circle created by our 100% volunteer community; the Sacred Circle of completing 4 cycles of 4 years each; and the Sacred Circle of All Life. We express gratitude, sharing, hope and happiness with the brothers and sisters of diverse spiritual traditions and cultures.

Each person at the Prayer Vigil for the Earth has their own experiences and insights so a summary can only touch on a little of what happened. There is a background sense in each of us, in our own way, of the presence of spirit that made itself known in the light, the clouds, the birds, the movement of the leaves, the brightness of people's eyes, the hugs and the love.

Spirit is in charge of continuity. The guidance and foundation of Native American traditions continue to open the Prayer Vigil with a Sacred Pipe ceremony, a path of all hearts’ oneness. That spiritual path of unity walks on this Earth in many forms and one of its expressions is caring for future generations.

Thus, in 2008 we experienced a balance and blend among familiar and new experiences. It is a joy to see and hear the voices of the folks who have participated in previous Prayer Vigils for the Earth. The Vigil feels like an annual reunion of friends with a spiritual focus on harmony with the Earth and harmony with each other. The new people we met and the new expressions of prayer and ceremony were inspiring as was the high level of cooperation and coordination amongst volunteers. Sweet, uplifting, and the drumming was sublime.

Join us next to the Washington Monument October 10 &11, 2009. We look forward to seeing everyone again and all the new people.

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005: The 2008 Prayer Vigil for the Earth010: We Are All One015: Peace Village at Sunrise020: Smudging with Sage025: Lighting the Sacred Fire030: Lighting the Sacred Fire035: Sacred Fire040: Sacred Fire045: Offering Tobacco and Prayers to the Sacred Fire050: Ceremonial Drum055: Sacred Fire at Night060: Sunrise Saturday Morning065: Morning at the Sacred Fire070: Buffalo Head075: Pam Ramedei with Turkey Feathers for the Labryinth080: Offering Tobacco for Prayers085: Ceremonial Drum and Singers090: In Prayer095: Morning Round Dance100: Shumei Taiko Ensemble Drummers Performing at the Peace Village

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Luis Mejia(non-registered)
Wonderful memories ---attended one in late 90s and many yrs later One Prayer is still here. Wonderful
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