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The Photo History 1993-2011 presents a visual record of the rich tapestry of participants, cultures, religions and beliefs that incorporate the Prayer Vigil for the Earth. We have selected images that we believe are representative of the experience of the Vigil since its inception in 1993.

The Photo History can be viewed as individual images or as a slide show. We have included captions for each image that identifies the participant or event and provides more in-depth information. To access the caption, please click on the individual image or if you are in the slide show, pass your mouse over the little balloon on the lower right hand corner of your screen.

Thank you for viewing a profound expression of our common humanity.

Website: www.oneprayer.org
Contact: oneprayer4@aol.com
Photographer: Bill Sanda

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0005: Prayer Vigil for the Earth0010: Table of Contents0015: Gateway to the Prayer Vigil0020: Peace Dove0025: Entrance to the Peace Village of the Prayer Vigil for the Earth0030: Welcome to Our Sacred Circle0035: Peace Village and White House as Seen from the Washington Monument0040: Prayer Vigil Peace Village and Kitchen0045: Prayer Vigil Events0050: Sunrise at the Prayer Vigil for the Earth - A New Beginning0055: Dancing Spirits Fire0060: Calling in the Sunrise Ceremony Using the Eagle Bone Whistle0065: Ceremonial Drum with Singers0070: Spiritual Guides to the Prayer Vigil for the Earth0075: Grandfather Harry F. Byrd by Sacred Fire0077: Presenting the Earth Flag for all Peoples0080: Geese Honoring the Peace Village0085: Morning Prayers and Sacred Fire0090: Prayer to the Four Directions0095: Little Girl Dancing for Peace in Front of Sacred Fire and Elders