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0090: African Libation Ceremony

Honoring of KhaRabia Rayford, facilitated by Rabiah al Nur, Ausar Auset Society, Ur Auat Enen Tchaas Ra EnKhamit, and others.

KhaRabia Rayford came to the Vigil full of prayer, singing and excitement. She has always come that way, bringing along her children and an assortment of musical instruments. She was a light that moved from place to place infecting all in her wake. You would find her in the center dancing, drumming and laughing as she pulled folks into the circle and took them on the journey of joy and Spirit. She was thoughtful and kind prompting from Habiba this comment," I didn't know her very well but she always greeting me as if I were an old friend". That is what all people wereto her. She was a powerful force who's ceremony at the water
brought healing and peace to the waters and those who passed by. Shemet her partner, Baba Yemi, at the Vigil bringing forth a love that will continue to inspire. Her voice can be heard on the Vigil song, her pictures will continue to make us smile and when we are at the Vigil in succeeding years, she will be with us dancing to the drums and sprinkling us with love. KhaRabia died on April 16, 2007.
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0090: African Libation Ceremony


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